A Home away from Home

What makes you feel at home? Late-night tea & gossip with mom, the dressing up and colours of festivities, the teen-patti with friends, the drives to the gateway of favourite paan waala, your simple pleasures of life, your food? There is so much that turns a concrete house into a warm home.


It might be difficult to bring the people in your life daily but you can definitely bring their taste back into your lives. The mouth-watering jalebis or the aromatic dal makhani or the dadima ka pickle; food has been a carrier of traditions, love and belongingness since time immemorial. The food cooked in traditional kitchenware brings back the taste and feelings that one feels when at home. The copper water vessel or the brass kadhai and kansa thali; all carry a lineage and stories of our past. 

You must have noticed the brass tiffin box that used to be packed with so much love with the healthiest home-cooked food; the beautiful thali sets that were laid down when guests used to come for dinner; these metals have been a part of the Indian household. Their quality of keeping nutrition intact and fighting toxins was noticed a long time back and thus were sworn upon by our grandparents. For us today; these aren’t just scientifically efficient products but have become a glory of the past that should be nurtured.


It is not strange that when you cook food in these, the aroma of your home is felt. It is not strange that the dinner doesn’t stop then until you take that extra bite out of love. It is not strange when your children ask you cheerfully about the fascination of this kitchenware & you tell them childhood stories with nostalgia and pride. In short, some metals have the power to bring back home to wherever you are! This is the power of authenticity and love; it is time to embrace it.

Did someone say homesick?? Not really, now! Let’s visit our home through vessels and food that define us.